Darryl Bowen met Lydia Clare  in 1995 when she was

promoting 'The Earth Bazaar' markets with music

in their local area of Windsor NSW.

Darryl had recently formed a band and was keen to get performing,

Lydia needed some music so it was a win/win situation.

2 years later Lydia had progressed to running a music festival and was in need of a sound guy, a role Darryl easily slipped into.


So their friendship began . . . . 

over the years Darryl's band 'Barbwire' went on to become a succesful

bush-rock band performing anything from Irish anthems like

the Fields Of Athenry to Waltzing Matilda with classic covers

like Land Down Under & Brown Eyed Girl in between.

In 2002 Barbwire released 'Come to Dinner'a selection of traditional

and original tracks


Meanwhile in the late 90's Lydia embarked on her own musical career 

becoming one of the original members of the 

Sydney folk band 'Wild Honey'

This was no surprise as Lydia had grown up in a a musical family......

her Dad, Norman Clare had a band in the UK during

the 1950's golden era of the 'Big Bands'

Lydia grew up with muso's coming and going from her family home

as Norm was a well known Woodwind & Brass instrument technition,

a skill he passed down to his son Gary Clare of 'Novatone'


In 2003 change was in the air, with a decade of experience behind him

Darryl went on to become a solo performer

Where one door closes another always opens.....

It was around this same time that Lydia also underwent a big  life change.

and relocated to the Central Coast. 

Where her life experiences poured out in song...

setting her song writing into a motion that has continued to flow.


When her old mate Darryl was working on the coast he looked Lydia up. 

Now both single the winds of heaven danced between them

the friendship that they had nurtured over the past years now grew into

something more . . . something that neither of them had ever expected!


Lydia became Darryl's manager and went on to support him in

producing his first solo album 'Just a Sniff' a collection of the songs

he loved to sing  including a few of his own!


They began performing as a duo in 2007

and from there 'Bowen and Clare' was born! 

Their 7 year itch in 2010 became the year that they were Wed.

They have discovered many syncronisities in each others lives...

like their sons sharing the same birthday,

but what they discovered on their wedding day

was an even bigger surprise!

Darryl's family is also very musical, and interestingly each of them

played Brass & Woodwind instruments in the

Hawkesbury District Band when they were kids.


On their wedding day Darryl's sister recognised Lydia's Dad Norm,

and the story unfolded that all of the kids in Bowen family

had purchased their instruments over a period of time

from Norm some 30+ years before!

So it appears that they were meant to make music together!

Ah but that's just the intro...there's way more to their story

coming one day soon.


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